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What is the "Google Dance?"

Have you ever noticed that Google’s search results change from day to day? For instance, if you search for ‘car loan’ at today, then search again tomorrow, the first ten listings will not be the same. The first place listing may shift to third, or visa versa. This movement of search engine listings is called the "Google Dance", because the search results seem to be "dancing" back and forth.

The Google Dance actually occurs on all search engines, and for several reasons:

  • Companies constantly change and update their websites, and since Google’s search results are highly dependent on website content, even a simple word change may cause a rise or fall in Google results. (These days this is truer than ever, because more and more companies are becoming savvy about optimizing their websites!)
  • The search engines frequently change the algorithms they use to rank websites, to keep results from getting “stale’.
  • The relationships between the search engines themselves change – for instance, Yahoo used to be based primarily on Google results, but now it uses its own algorithms so its listings are different.

Why is the Google Dance important?

Getting listed on Google and the other major search engines is a challenge in itself, without having to worry about the Google Dance. The Google Dance makes maintaining a high ranking incredibly difficult, as there are constantly new competitors coming into play.

This is where we can help you. As part of our search optimization service, if we see your site sliding down the Google results, we will make suggestions for changing your site to maintain a high ranking. We always stay up-to-date on the latest search engine developments and algorithms, so we are always prepared to help you stay high up in the search results.